From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

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I have been a Motor Mechanic most of my life, therefore my world has consisted of a practical environment that demands accuracy.
A problem I encountered as a youth was the obviously discrepancy in the Easter Story. For while it taught that after three days Jesus would rise from the dead, the practical application is only a day and a half.
Three days does not fit in the time between Friday evening and Sunday morning. For many years I spent trying to understand how this fault could exist in such an important issue as God's Salvation for all mankind.
In the process I realised the answer appeared to be in ther Feasts anf Holy Days celebrated within Judaism.
With considerable research into Jewish rituals I came to realise they held the key to open the mystery of the way "time" is slotted between Eternity Past and Eternity Future.
"From the Beginning" is my story of how I think it will occur.


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