From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield


Normal! What is normal?

Normal conforms to the set of current circumstances, and we expect them to continue. “Normal” is neither good nor bad by definition and does not always last forever, but it is what we are experiencing. It may be the only thing we know, so it appears normal to us.

In the beginning “normal” consisted of only God and nothing else, and for eternity past this is how it always was.

Normal took on a permanent change when God decided to have a visible presence; a place to live and the opportunity to create other beings. This is “The Normal” God had in mind so that for ever more he could enjoy the others, and the rest of us could enjoy him and all he created.

The first thing he did was to become a finite being, but how did he make it known he was just as much God as the Invisible Spirit that had always existed. God called himself “The Word”. A word is a finite visible manifestation of all that the word means; in the same way “The Word” is the finite manifestation of the “Invisible God”.

Immediately after he created the heavens and the earth; he then created the Stars, heavenly bodies made up of light. These stars could enjoy heaven with God and him with them. Later the Stars were also used as messengers and so they sometimes became known as Angels.

Everything was done through the “Love of God” and heaven was a wonderful place to be. God through his “Love” and with no strings attached supplied all the angel’s needs.

This then became the new “Normal”. God through his “Love” ruled heaven and from his “Divine Nature” and “Eternal Power” supplied everything so there was no stress of any kind; it was a wonderful place to live. How long was it like this I don’t know, but long enough for this to be “normal”. It appeared as though this is how it would be forever as there was no indication it would ever change.

Is there another way of life? They did not think so; certainly none of the angels had ever experienced it if there was.

The “Love of God” was in complete control, he had everything at his fingertips, and if there was anything anyone needed he would supply it with no apparent effort.

God was perfect in every way, perfect control, perfect provision, perfect understanding of every single detail. Nothing was out of reach, there were no problems, and therefore none had to be overcome. Perfection was everywhere and in all things.

Then “normal” changed again and for a while it was abnormal, but after some time everyone got used to it so this became normal.

When an angel called “O Morning Star Son of Dawn” saw how easy it was to rule heaven and maintain it as God could simply supply anything that was needed as it was needed.

O Morning Star saw that God had never been challenged and decided he was as good as God and so he would become like the “Most High”. (Isaiah 13:13+14) He then convinced about one third of the angels to follow him in his rebellion. O Morning Star was renamed to suit his new status and from that point on is known as Satan or the Devil, and the angels who followed him are Demons.

The “Justice of God” had lain dormant as he never had to do a thing, the “Love of God” had everything under his control and he did it all through “Love”. This is how God would have preferred it to stay.

But when the “Justice of God” sprang into action it was a totally new ball game. This was something all the angels would have to get used to; this new “Normal” is going to be around for some time.

God will maintain heaven and the angels as he did before, but now there is different motivation. After O Morning Star’s challenge, God will function through his “Justice” and all the angels will have to satisfy “Justice” before they receive any blessings from God. While those angels who remained loyal to God required no action from the “Justice of God” as they will continued on as they were. It was a different story for the rebellious.

For all the angels who remained loyal, God is still God to each one of them. They will stay within righteousness required and satisfy the “Justice of God”.

On the other hand God broke off all contact with Satan and the demons, because he no longer supports them, he ceased to be their light source, their lights went out and they become just ashes of their former being. (Ezekiel 28:15-19)

The “Justice of God” is responsible for the maintenance of heaven for it has to remain perfect as any imperfection will compound and multiply unto it destroys all it comes into contact with. God knows he has to stamp out this rebellion for no-one other than him has the assets and attributes to rule heaven and all who dwell there.

The “Justice of God” has taken over from the “Love of God” and this has become the new “Normal”, but at the same time it is far from the ideal as God would prefer “Love” rather than “Justice” to be in control.

To ensure the creation is not destroyed by the compounding and multiplication of imperfections, God exiled Satan and the demons to the earth which he had created with its own eco system. (Isaiah 45:18)

On earth Satan implemented the policies he would have employed if he were to rule heaven. However, because he is not God and does not have the perfection or wisdom of God, the imperfections involved in his abilities eventually destroyed the environment here on earth and it became “formless and empty”. (A footnote on the first page)

Satan and the demons required a permanent place for them stay so God created hell. The fires of hell will burn up all the imperfections their sinfulness produces, thus maintaining the perfection of the rest of the universe. Hell is completely the opposite of anything the “Love of God” would create and it came as a huge shock!

Satan and the demons challenged God of being too harsh and so God restored the earth to something of its former glory, then created mankind to resolve the issues.

Man had the ability to choose between God and Satan with two trees in the garden, the fruit from the tree of “Life” was a positive step recognising God to be God. While the fruit from the tree of the “knowledge of Good and Evil” recognised Satan and his demons and the short falls in Satan’s policies.

Adam and Eve had walked with the “Love of God” often in the cool of the evening to understand they had a choice. The name of the other tree should have been a warning in itself, the “Knowledge of Good and Evil” was enough to destroy the perfection of their creation.

Of course they found out the hard way and the “Justice of God” removed them from the Garden of Eden. “Justice” had to judge their actions; they had accepted Satan’s policies, so now they would pay the price.

Mankind was now sinful like the fallen angels and with “Justice” in control and everything came under his jurisdiction. As it turns out man is not as bad off as Satan and the demons because we have only recognised Satan and his plan of “Good and Evil”, but not rejected God being God.

This means we can still accept God as our God, while we cannot change back to the perfection we were created with, our knowledge of good and evil has ruined that. Our sinfulness must be judged and the “Justice of God” will make sure it happens.

However, “Love” has come to our rescue and volunteered to take on our sinfulness so that “Justice” will judge “Love” for it. So “Justice” is satisfied sinfulness has been dealt with and righteousness can be given in its place.

But every person has to believe the “Love of God” has been judged for their sinfulness, or, take upon themselves their own sinfulness.

This means that mankind like the angels have to decide if the “Love of God” is God to them, and the “Justice of God” will respond accordingly.

“Justice” does not care.

If we believe “Love” took our sinfulness upon him and was judged for it, then it has been sorted.

No more action is required and the righteous of God (perfection) is given to us.

On the other hand if we reject the “Love of God” being God as did O Morning Star, then the “Love of God” is not God to us. If this is the case we take it upon ourselves our own sinfulness and the “Justice of God” does what he has to do and judges every one for it.

For a very, very long time The “Justice of God” has been in charge and everyone has to satisfy him. This is normal!

It is normal that everything that does not satisfy the righteousness of God will fail. The “Justice of God” will not lift a finger to help a single soul whose sinfulness has not been judged. “Justice” allows anything and everything to happen to those who the “Love of God” is not God, If God is not God, he is powerless to help these people as he does not exist.

From million dollar lottery wins, to wars, to national disasters, or earthquakes; all these events have nothing to do with God. They are the results of Satan’s inability to rule, however the “Justice of God” will support all those who have God’s righteousness here on earth as if they were in heaven.

The “Justice of God” checks everyone to find out whether their sinfulness has been judged by Jesus or they have taken on the responsibility themselves. When a person believes in Jesus Christ his name goes into the book of Life and “Justice” knows whose names are written in it.

It is normal for the angels, but of course they are OK as for all of them God is God and they stay within the righteousness required.

It is normal for Satan and the demons, but they are in terrible trouble with hell being the only outcome for them.

It is normal for the human race, as every one of us has not known any other way.

It was normal for those who have lived before the coming of Jesus Christ as they made their decision on the promise of the “Love of God” taking on their sinfulness.

It is normal for those who have lived after the coming of Christ for they made their decision on the reality of the “Love of God”.

It is normal for us today, for some have and some have not made their decision concerning the “Love of God”, but if they are still alive it is not too late.

History has to play out its role.

The Church will come to an end and all who belonged to it will be absent from the body and at home with the Lord. (2Corinthians 5:8)

For those who were members of the Church have chosen wisely, their sinfulness has been dealt with, the “Justice of God” has no issues with any of them, but what about their rewards in heaven. This is a private matter between Jesus (the “Love of God”) and the individual believer and so he will reward each believer on their faithfulness. (1Corinthians 3:12)

For every believer who was a member of the Church; it will become normal for the “Love of God” to rule over us forever.

Seven years after the Church has ran its course the Kingdom of God (consisting of Israel and all the Old Testament Saints) will also be ruled by Jesus, so they too will soon settle into this new normal.

We are beginning to see how the “Justice of God” is separating those he has justified from the rest and handing them over to Jesus the “Love of God”.

What happens at the end is recorded in the book “From the Beginning” by the same author which I suggest you read for more details. “From the Beginning” can be found on this website too.

Eventually all those who respect the “Love of God” will function as the angels normally did when he was in complete control, this will happen again sometime in the future.

As for the rest of the human population the “Justice of God” will get busy at The Great White Throne condemning them to hell for ever and ever along with Satan and all his demon associates.

Trevor Topsfield


Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishin


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