From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

The Gravity of Life

(A Story by Trevor Topsfield, adapted from Romans Chapter 1 Verses18 – 23)

What is the seriousness of our situation?

Is it worth a thought that perhaps we don’t realise the significance of how much has gone into the environment we live in and the persons we are.

The planet we live on is part of a particular solar system with its own Sun. While it supplies us with the heat and light we require to live, our sun would only look like another star if we were light years away somewhere else. Regardless of how we might think it all began, there is an unimaginable amount of energy gone into the establishment of the universe. While it took such a mammoth effort to create it, the maintenance of it is just as mind boggling.

Trillions of stars expending more or less energy than our sun, so that each second the force behind them uses huge amounts of energy from its own resources to keep all the stars functioning and this appears to have been going on for millions of years.

To be able to achieve this we have no alternative but to conclude this force must have an inexhaustible capacity to keep on doing this. So there has to be an “Eternal Power” that has not only created the universe, but has kept it going for an astronomical time without any sign of it slowing down.

Not only do we see in the things that have been created an “Eternal Power”, but there is also an obvious attention to detail in the very small.

While having a coffee in the garden a bug about 3mm in size landed on my finger, walked around for a short while then flew off. This bug was a fully functioning machine that had the freedom to come and go as it pleased. It had everything it needed for life and all this was packed into this minute space. While on the one hand we see the Eternal Power in the never ending universe using energy beyond our comprehension, on the other there is obviously a “Divine Nature” that has created and maintains those things that are part of our lives.

We must conclude that a huge amount of thought and effort has gone into the things we take for granted as they have been with us since our birth and we have all grown up with them.

What’s the point?

Surely with so much work gone into getting the universe up and running there has to be an understandable reason behind it all. With the massively long times involved and the huge distances in the universe it would appear that we have only a very small part to play in both time and space. We are restricted to the earth and life only lasts seventy years, give or take a few. “Clearly there are others issues at stake”. Surely this is the conclusion obvious to all who have ever lived.

But what would be the outcome for those who appreciate the creator and glorify him for what he has done?

It would appear to be illogical to go to so much effort to demonstrate his “Eternal Power” and “Divine Nature” for others not to be able to respond to them.

What therefore might the Creator do when this is the case?

His desire must be for those who appreciate him to take advantage of all that he is and all he can do, and his intention to include those creatures who love him as his own.

The Creator has made himself known as “God” and he has set a path we can travel which will lead us to enjoy all that he is.

While for all who refuse to acknowledge his “Eternal Power” and “Divine Nature”, he is powerless to help because they reject him for what he is and therefore ignore the path he has established. In this way God weeds out those who refuse to acknowledge him as “God” and only those who appreciate him will be with him forever.

So God established two special groups of people to go throughout the world to convince others of his power and nature and explain the “way”, the path leading to Eternal life. Israel was the first group and they functioned until about the time of the coming of Jesus Christ and then the Church took over the responsibility.

There is a complication involved in having ordinary people like you and me living with God forever and that is only “perfection lasts forever”. That was never a problem because God is perfect and everything he created was perfect when they were created. However, mankind became imperfect through a poor decision our original parents made, which by necessity bars us from any contact with God because we would contaminate him, which would cause his eternal quality to cease.

Therefore the path God established consisted of him taking upon himself our personal sinfulness and judging himself for it. With our sinfulness judged, God can give to us his righteousness which will cause him no harm when we make contact with him.

This judgment took place on the Cross of Jesus Christ (who is the Love of God personified) when he was judged by God the Father (who is the Justice of God personified). Because Jesus Christ was judged for the sinfulness of every single soul, the path to utilise all that God is, is there for every-one. However, only those who appreciate God will believe it, therefore the path to eternal life is as simple as “believe on Jesus Christ and you will be saved”.

If the demonstration of “Eternal Power” and “Divine Nature” is not enough to convince us of God’s willingness to have us live with him forever, then surely the personal suffering he endured on the Cross for us should do it. It is one thing for God to do that which is well within his capacity, but for a perfect God of such statue to voluntarily humiliate himself for us as he did on the Cross is something else altogether.

For all those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, the effort God put into demonstrating his “Eternal Power” and “Divine Nature” and his suffering for our benefit has been well and truly worth it.

The Gravity of life is the fact that we all have to make up our own minds concerning God and we have the evidence to make such a decision. Life gives us the opportunity to choose to live with God forever in a perfect environment. That’s how serious it is.

Trevor Topsfield


Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishin


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