From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

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The Soul

While our life on earth was originally designed to settle an ongoing argument God is having with Satan and the demons, there is another positive for both us and God. Read more →


Normal! What is normal?

Normal conforms to the set of current circumstances, and we expect them to continue. “Normal” is neither good nor bad by definition and does not always last forever, but it is what we are experiencing. It may be the only thing we know, so it appears normal to us. Read more →

Costs of Living

Have you ever wondered about the costs of living for the angels who live in Heaven? Read more →


Paul has a special job which appears to be like no other. Read more →



That which is eternal is both everlasting and perfect; God is eternal and so is heaven as he needs a permanent place to live. Read more →

Love —- Justice

Perfect Love      —      Mutually Exclusive      —      Perfect Justice

Perfect love and perfect justice are poles apart and mutually exclusive. To try and add one to the other means there has to be a compromise, so that love is not perfect and neither is justice. Read more →

The 10 Commandments

The Old Testament is sometimes referred as the “Law”. Read more →


Faith in itself is of little value, this can be verified by placing faith in an unreliable object in the form of a shady person offering a dodgy deal. Read more →

Eternal Bodies

Life after death for the believers in Jesus Christ; what will it be like? Read more →


What can we conclude from the various signs of the time?

Surely most people have at some point looked at what is happening and come up with the conclusion. Read more →

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