From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

Costs of Living

Have you ever wondered about the costs of living for the angels who live in Heaven?

What might be their rent or housing prices? What are their food bills?

If the price of the things they need is the same as our salvation? Then the answer is “nothing”.

In the same way that God does absolutely everything for everyone to be saved, God does absolutely everything for all the angels. The only reason God and the angels are eternal is because God has unlimited resources and is prepared to give to them unconditionally every single item they require to live a prosperous and happy life.

This means no one in Heaven works for a living, no one misses out on anything because they cannot afford it. There is no such thing as stress: anxiety is not part of their vocabulary, no one is jealous of another. If there is even the suspicion of trouble God would sort it out immediately.

God makes the administration of Heaven look easy as he has all his attributes working for his and the angels common good, with the result that perfection in Heaven is maintained.

This is a piece of cake thought “O Morning Star Son of Dawn”, one of the angels. Anyone can do it. So he said to himself “I will raise my throne above the stars of God”. “I will make myself like the Most High”. (Isaiah 14: 13+14) (NIV)

Perhaps the biggest mistake “O morning Star” made was to seriously under estimate the provision of God, he obviously did not realise how reliant he and the other angels were on God’s willingness and ability to give.

His rebelliousness was the first departure from perfection and he became sinful, with a name change to Satan and a body change to become the Devil he was exiled to the Earth. Without God’s provision and an inability to maintain the environment here, the earth deteriorated and it became “null and void”, (Genesis 1) so God created Hell as a permanent place for him to live.

The story continues and eventually O Morning Star’s wish was granted to some degree and while God would not allow him to rule over the angels in Heaven, he was given the chance to rule the Earth after God had restored it something of its former glory.

All Satan had to do was convince Adam and Eve who were the custodians of the revamped world to accept his system of “Good and Evil”. It’s a fact of history that Adam and Eve ate from his tree and Satan has taken over the rulership and is responsible for everything that happens here.

God had made provision in the restoration so that there were ample resources already here for the time Satan has to prove he can rule the world successfully.

However while everything is here, it is beyond Satan’s ability to pull anything out of the hat in the same way that God seemed to do. Therefore he will need man’s help in his goal to prove himself.

A new word with four letters no angel had ever heard of before entered the vocabulary and that word was “work”.

People had to work because Satan is not like “The Most High” as he has little or nothing of his own to fall back on. No God means everyone has to look after themselves, we need to feed, house and clothe ourselves along with every other need we might have, we have to do it all ourselves .

On earth there needs to be some sort of substitute for God, in heaven God is everywhere, knows everything and controls it all on his own. On Earth with the population of humans ever increasing, some form of government became necessary to rule over the people and take on the role here on Earth that God does in Heaven.

Ruling his world, Satan has serious limitations for while he had lost his perfection, none of the people he puts in charge are perfect either. Neither he nor his deputies can be everywhere, nor can they know everything, so none of their judgments are perfect and it has become obvious ruling the world is not that easy.

To make matters worse, all the people involved in government need to be paid for their services so taxes were gathered to pay them which only added to the costs of living.

Neither can Satan provide food, housing or clothing from his own resources which means they must come from another source. If a particular person cannot afford any of these there have been different agencies established to take care of them. Most governments have some form a social security system to provide some of the basics for the under privilege. And there are also local, national and international charities that supply aid for millions of people worldwide, but they rely on donations or taxes from the richer sectors of the population.

All these are proof of Satan’s inability to be like the “Most High”.

The population of the world kept on getting bigger and differences between groups of people became greater. The “have not’s” dissatisfaction grew as they want what the “haves” have, so there needed to be an appearance of social justice. To overcome this problem the rich were taxed to help support the poor, which of course only made the rich unhappy. Because the rich usually worked hard and had made sensible decisions financially, the poor were often accused of laziness and squandering.

Another concept that added to the costs of living is that for the “haves” the things they have are threatened by such things as fire, accidents, and natural disasters and misuse so there needs to be a way of securing them. As nothing is certain and we simply don’t know the future, the risk of losing them is guaranteed by insuring them which is another expense.

A complication that had never occurred before Satan’s plan of “Good and Evil”, is that where nothing is perfect, everything has a limited life span, which means there is new concept we know as “wearing out”. Maintenance of personal assets and the infrastructure of cities and nations became a necessity which only grew as the populations increased, so more money from taxes were needed to finance this area also.

Health is an issue as our bodies are not perfect and all manner of sicknesses and injuries can be inflicted on them, therefore we have spent millions of dollars on a myriad of cures which all cost money. So expensive are some of the cures many people simply can’t afford them and much of the world’s population have no access to them even if they could pay the price.

Satan like hundreds of millions of people have seen the things God has created and not given him the credit or the respect that he deserves.

If through pride there is no recognition of the divine nature and eternal power of God which is clearly seen in the things he has created (Romans 1), then for those people they can be easily fooled into believing we as a species under the ruler ship of Satan can make this world last forever.

Perhaps the sensible thing would be to appreciate the Glory of God and live under his authority and provision for the rest of eternity.

Trevor Topsfield


Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved.

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