From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

Love —- Justice

Perfect Love      —      Mutually Exclusive      —      Perfect Justice

Perfect love and perfect justice are poles apart and mutually exclusive. To try and add one to the other means there has to be a compromise, so that love is not perfect and neither is justice.

The currency for them both is freedom; love gives it and justice takes it away.

Love might sacrifice it, while pseudo justice or bullying will take it unjustly.

Freedom is a concept worth dying for; slavery is a legitimate reason for hatred.

These are absolute principles that no-one can negate, not even God.

Before the creation there was God who existed as a Spirit, when he decided to share his existence with others he realized they would need a place to live so he created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1) To interact with the “others” he would need to be a finite being instead of an invisible spirit. Therefore before God did anything else he gathered up all his attributes and put them into a finite being and became “The Word”. (John 1:1)

The Word had a problem in as much as God is both “Love” and “Justice”, and both are absolutes.

The way he resolved this problem was to become two separate personalities. Therefore when he gave himself a name for others to call him, it was in the plural. “Elohim” (in Hebrew) is the name he gave himself which indicates he is one God, the plural indicates his two incompatible attributes gives him two opposite personalities.

This is the dilemma he faces as he cannot be both at the same time.

Elohim had no other alternative but to separate himself into the two characters so that one could live out “Justice”; “the other could live out “Love”.

Jesus Christ is just as much God as either God the Father or God the Holy Spirit, all three personalities make up one “God”.

For some time after the creation of the universe and all the angels, the “Justice of God” lay dormant as there was no need for it to act in any way. The “Love of God” was in complete control maintaining freedom and supplying all the needs for a comfortable and peaceful existence in Heaven.

It was wonderful.

It all looked so easy; God appeared to be totally at ease and seemingly unprepared for any dissention within the establishment. He looked weak as though he was a “toothless tiger”; it seemed to be a simple task to take advantage of this weakness and to usurp his authority.

Therefore “Morning Star, son of dawn” decided he would become like the “Most High”. (Isaiah 14:13+14)

What happened next was a total reversal of the status quo. The “Justice of God” sprang into action and took control of the situation. This rejection of God’s authority, and the attack on the “Love of God” was the first imperfection ever and something had to be done. If this or any other imperfection persisted in Heaven; its eternal status would be destroyed and eventually collapse completely. The maintenance of the creation is the responsibility of the “Justice of God” and he will do whatever it takes to maintain it.

So the “Justice of God” took away Morning Star’s freedom to roam Heaven and enjoy all that God had created and confined him to the earth.

The change in his status brought about a name change and “Morning Star” became known as “Satan”.

Coupled with the fact that the “Love of God” was the only thing that could save him, but he had rejected its authority, therefore Satan as he is now known destroyed his only chance. Also “Love” no longer has any contact with Satan; now he has to deal with “Justice of God”.

Now “Love” and “Justice” was understood by the angels and the demons because they had seen these attributes in action. But for the human population without that experience, “Love” became a separate identity and dwelt among us. (John 1:14)”

Satan should have seen it coming as there were angels who had research the matter and warned the rest of the consequences (Hebrews 2:2). The “Love of God” would have made sure no one would perish out of ignorance.

Making himself like God has taken on a whole new meaning, for God is not only “Love” which might appear to be simply handing out lots of good things, but he has to maintain the environment at the same time.

Satan obviously did not realise the role of God had this extra dimension and if he is to be like God, he will need to take this on board too. God has two distinct and opposing roles; “Love” appears easy, but that is because “Justice” is keeping watch to make sure that none of the standards required to maintain the perfection of Heaven are violated

On earth Satan and all the angels who decided to follow him lived apart from God. Satan by name and the Devil by nature with the demons as his followers and away from God; operating from their imperfect personality the earth deteriorated till it became formless and empty. (a footnote at the bottom of the page of Genesis 1) To accommodate them for all eternity God created Hell.

Hell is a place isolated from God’s universe and was created for Satan and his demons. (Matthew 25:41)

Hell is completely different from anything the “Love of God” would create, but the “Justice of God” will do whatever it takes to maintain the perfection of his creation and the fires of Hell will burn up every form of their sinfulness

Satan and his Demons challenged God’s judgment as being unfair. They wanted the chance to prove it was too harsh.

Does God think his “Justice” is so perfect it does not make a mistake?

Had God given them a chance to prove they were capable of living up to their ambition of being like the “Most High” and have a legitimate claim to the throne?

So there is a conflict between God and Satan as each is vying for the privilege of ruling Heaven. God must win as he knows that only perfection is capable of maintaining Heaven’s eternal quality. Satan has devised a plan based on “good and evil”. The “good” is the closest he can come to “perfect Love”, the “evil” is as close as he can get to “perfect Justice”.

God restored the earth to something of its former glory and created Man to resolve the matter.  Like the angels the first contact mankind had with God was the “Love of God” and like the angels they only saw a God that would not do anything to distress them in any way.

God gave Mankind the choice between himself and Satan by making available two special trees. The fruit of each tree represented one side of the conflict; The “Tree of Life” stood for the “life” with God that Adam and Eve were experiencing. The “Tree of knowledge of good and evil” was to swap over to Satan’s plan.

Eve was convinced by the serpent that Satan’s fruit would not cause their deaths and it looked good so she took one and ate it. Immediately she was contaminated and the life of God she had died instantly. Then she took some to Adam and he ate it with exactly the same result.

Just as it happened in Heaven, so it happened again on earth. God with sharpened teeth appeared to reveal his opposite personality. The “Justice of God” removed them from the “Love of God” to enable them to function within Satan’s way of life.

However it was not all bad news for Adam and Eve, because they fell into Satan’s trap without rejecting God’s authority.

While it seems Mankind is doomed by a bad decision made by the original pair. However, because they had never rejected the “Love of God”, he could come to our aid if he was prepared to do so.

Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice; he demonstrated “Perfect Love” for it says in John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (NIV)

So if we humble ourselves before Jesus Christ, the “Love of God” and believe he can restore the freedom to function once again within his “Love” he will give us Eternal life which includes the freedom to live with him forever.

The “Love of God” has come, done what he needed to do and now is seated at the right hand of the Father until he (the “Justice of God”) has made his enemies a footstool for his feet.

The “Love of God” is doing nothing at all, everything that happens as far as God is concerned is from the “Justice of God” and “Love” has nothing to do with it.

It is the “Justice of God” that lets all the flaws in Satan’s plan of “good and evil” occur and everyone who has not humbled themselves before the “Love of God” has to deal with the “Justice of God”.  There is no access to God any other way.

If God is to win this battle with Satan then “good and evil” has to be proven inadequate to sustain the world forever. What we should be seeing is the collapse of everything knowing that we as believers have a perfect future with Jesus Christ as our ruler, supplying all our needs without a cross word ever.

Trevor Topsfield


Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

All rights reserved.



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