From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield


How much does luck play a part of a person’s life?

It all depends on a logical decision we have made, or will make sometime in the future.

The population of the world can be separated into two groups of people. One group is those who have or will believe in Jesus Christ, the other is those who will not. The first group do not function under the system that is well known and is called “luck”. This is because at some point in their life they will or have recognised the divine nature and eternal power of God.

These two attributes of God are clearly seen in the creation because it took them to create it. The logical response should be to glorify God and everyone who fails to do it is held responsible for their neglect and the wrath of God is revealed through the wickedness of their actions as they live a life ignoring God.

However there have been millions who changed their minds, given God the glory he deserves which alters everything.

Without any coercion from God, he has always known every single person who will come to the conclusion that God is God, therefore he takes away any concept of luck and so everything that happens to all these people works together for their good. Therefore they will eventually give God the credit he deserves and realise he requires faith in Jesus Christ which they will do.

No-one is lucky to have become part of his Eternal Kingdom; God has predestined all who will and makes sure it happens.

The story is found in Romans Chapter 8, starting at verse 28 with a statement that God works everything for the good of those who love him. When a person glorifies God after they have recognised his nature and power as stated in Romans Chapter 1, Verse 20, they have expressed a certain love for him. God therefore is God to all these people and therefore he can apply both his power and nature towards them. Their destiny is now in God’s hands and luck has been totally negated.

Where ever such a person lives or has lived and whenever their time on earth happened to be, God has always known theirs would be a positive reaction towards him. In every case their volition is what has decided the stance they would take and God had nothing to do with it, even though he has always known the result.

In these cases God predestined those who respond positively to eternal life. As part of his working all things for the good of those who love him, he will somehow, regardless of what is involved get the message of the Gospel to them. Their reaction will be to believe in Jesus Christ and their salvation will become a reality through their faith. Luck has nothing to do with anyone’s salvation; God will make sure that all who glorify him when they recognise his Divinity will receive it.

However, for all those who never will glorify God even though they are aware of his nature and power, they are without excuse not accepting God to be God to them, therefore God cannot help them. For all these people they have to rely on luck for they have only a small influence on their circumstances and while many make the best of their situation, much of it is beyond their control.

Within the world there is evidence of luck in all walks of life. How lucky are lottery winners with life changing amounts of money coming their way, but what about those who live in poverty where good luck seems to completely abandon them. Both the winners and the losers receive something they have no control over and their life is at the mercy of their circumstances. While the winners win for a time they have no idea how long it will last, it would appear they are at the hands of good luck or bad.

The problem is indicated as Romans Chapter 1 continues. For those who failed to glorify God having seen his power and nature is a foolish decision as far as God is concerned. This neglect to give God the credit for the universe forces them to substitute something in place of God to account for the reality of what is here.

One way it is done is to exchange the glory of God for an image of an animal and worship it, giving it the glory that should be allocated to God. Or, their foolishness can express itself in a total disregard for normal relationships; instead men commit unnatural and indecent acts with other men and women with other women. With these two examples it is pure luck whether those who worship idols succeed, or whether those in a homosexual relationship are fulfilled as they live with their partners.

Where God is not God, only the resources found in the world are at the disposal of the foolish. While there are many organisations and charities set up to help all those who somehow seemed to have ran out of good luck, there would appear that there is not enough money, not enough willing to help or have the expertise to cope with so many luckless people.

However all is not lost for everyone. For all those who have not yet given God the glory he deserves, their time to do so has not ran out if they are still alive. This story I have written might be the very thing God is working through for your good and therefore with this extra information you can change your mind concerning him.

If this is the case you will understand your inability to please him from your own strength and call on the saving work of Jesus Christ and put your faith in him. If this is true God has been working through what might appear to be luck, but he has used all of your life to bring you to this point and from now on luck has got nothing to do with you and it never did.

Trevor Topsfield



Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

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