From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

Seven Spirits of God

In Heaven there is a constant reminder to all the angels that God is God and he rules supreme. Before his throne are seven lamps blazing and they are the seven Spirits of God (Rev 4:5).  They detail exactly why God has this exalted position and therefore no challenge to his authority is acceptably. Their position in front of his throne indicates their major importance and an integral part of his kingdom.

While on earth God’s invisible qualities; his “Eternal power” and “Divine Nature” (Romans 1:20) can be seen through the things he has created, and therefore everyone has enough evidence to glorify him. By this alone God reveals his wrath against the godlessness of all those who refuse to do so, and as such have no excuse. (Romans 1:18 -)

This is man’s initial acknowledgment that God exists and each of us should do something about it. However, if we of the human race are to depend on him, a greater understanding needs to be acquired. To achieve this he gave the Jews the task of making a Lampstand with seven lamps and a pipe from each lamp to central bowl. The bowl is designed to hold olive oil which would supply the fuel to keep all the lamps burning here on earth as they do in Heaven.

It is the responsibility of God’s people to keep the oil up to the lamps as a reminder to the inhabitants of the earth that God rules supreme.

The first failure to respect God’s authority in heaven was committed by the angel called “O Morning Star, Son of Dawn”.  He decided he would to be like “The Most High”. (Isaiah 14:13) To consider such an action was to ignore those seven blazing lights as they all added up to the fact that the perfection of Heaven was maintained by God through his seven Spirits.

Here on earth those same Spirits need to shine so that we too have a constant reminder of who God is and the position he holds.

For all who ignore this fact, they place them in a hopeless situation because only God can maintain the perfection and therefore the eternal quality of Heaven. Regardless of who they are, no one else is capable of doing it. Therefore God has no other choice to remove them from Heaven or make sure they never go there.

As for mankind we have the same options which are demonstrated by the fact that as the end times approach there will be many who will ignore two olive trees. These two trees will supply the oil to keep the seven lights burning; however, for those who are firmly set in their unbelief it is the worst thing they can do.

The story is found in Revelations Chapter 11 where the unbelievers are being dealt with in preparation for the return of Jesus and his 1000 year rule here on earth. All the unbelievers have to be removed so Jesus can begin with believers only.

They will face three woes. The first is the terrible things that will happen here as a precursor to even worse things to follow. The second woe is to have the two olive trees come announcing the seven Spirits of God which they ignore. The third woe is their removal from the earth to make way for the rule of Jesus, with no chance of ever being a part of it.

So to ignore the Majesty of God is the worst thing anyone can do, which leads to the worst thing that can happen.

So what are the seven Spirits of God?

The Spirit of the Lord.

The Spirit of Wisdom.

The Spirit of Understanding.

The Spirit of Council.

The Spirit of Power.

The Spirit of Knowledge.

The Spirit of Fear of the Lord.

The Spirit of the Lord.

The Lord is a technical term for God the Son, and/or Jesus Christ. A characteristic of God the Son is that he acts out the love of God, while God the Father acts out Justice. Because the ideal situation is to have Love in control, so when the Kingdom of God is the focus, then God the Son is “Lord”.

Love does not appear to have the “teeth” required to make sure everyone acts accordingly to maintain the perfection required for the kingdom of Heaven to be eternal. Therefore all the creatures have to respect God the Son without there being any threat to do so. This worked perfectly until O Morning Star could see there was nothing to stop him from taking over and becoming like The Most High. (Isaiah 14:13)

To him; God the Son had lost his respect.

However, all was not like it seemed, as immediately the authority of the Son was under threat; God the Father who had remained dormant as there was nothing for him to do, sprang into life. As the justice of God; the Father set about to right this wrong, as God’s authority has to be sustained regardless of the costs.

As for O Morning Star and those angels who followed him, they of their own doing lost the perfection they were created with. God the Son had supplied the energy to maintain the light that glowed within them, but with their rejection of him they cut off the union they had with each other, with the result their lights went out, and they became mere ashes of their former being. (Ezekiel 28;15-19)

At this point O Morning Star became Satan and his followers, demons. The rest is a can of worms which is another story in itself.

The story of mankind is different as we too are sinful, but not through any rejection of God. Our problem began when Adam ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. His perfection was destroyed by going his own way and accepting the fruit of this tree from Eve who had eaten of it just a short while before. Their going astray had the same effect as O Morning Star’s rejection and would block them from Heaven too. Only those who accept the Son’s authority and stay within the perfect goal posts can be there. Because our original parents were no longer perfect, neither is their off spring, which includes all of us.

To overcome the fact we are doomed to be banned from Heaven, God the Son demonstrated his love by allowing God the Father to place this action of going astray on him and paying the death penalty himself.

“Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 (NIV)

Love has done all he can do, for God the Father is still in control applying justice wherever it is needed. But through the death of Jesus on the cross the righteousness of God is given to all, so there is no reaction from the Justice of God as righteousness requires none. This means as far as Justice is concerned everyone can go to heaven as the righteousness needed belongs to everyone. As far as God is concerned we all have what it takes to live with him in heaven for ever, which was directly achieved through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Why then are not everyone saved?

The answer is lies in the fact that Jesus Christ (the love of God) needs total control in his control of the universe and the unbelievers reject him in the same way O Morning Star Son of Dawn did.

At the same time, while there is unrighteousness Justice/God the Father has to be in control so he said to the Son (Jesus Christ). “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet” (Psalm 110:1) (NIV)

Jesus Christ is doing absolutely nothing right now, nor will he till the Father has defeated his enemies.

This is the Spirit of the Lord; Salvation is available to everyone who accepts God as being God to them and they respect the authority of the Love of God of their own free will.

The Spirit  of Wisdom           

To explain The Spirit of Wisdom I need to combine it with the “Spirit of Understanding” and the “Spirit of Knowledge”.

God‘s “knowledge” is absolutely complete, so there is nothing he does not “know”. Because “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made”. He also “knows” that everything was perfect when he made them, and it is only through the decisions of others when they either rejected his authority or went their own way, did things change.

God has always “known” every intricate detail that will happen, which means he has prepared for it long before it does.

At the same time as he “knows” about everything going on around him and “understands” why it is doing it.

God “understands” perfection is required if those things eternal are to remain that way. He “knew” the thoughts of O Morning Star and “understood” the repercussions of what they would cause.

So these two Spirits; The Spirit of Knowledge and The Spirit of Understanding are tremendous assets to have, and there are these two lights that shine by the throne of God to add more light to his Majesty.

God has always “known” and “understood” everything, but what will he do about it?

He cannot leave things as they are as “knowing” and “understanding” in themselves make no difference.

God cannot simply let things go as they are; if this were to happen the trouble O Morning Star has started is only going to get worse.

Somethings have to be done to get everything back on track and it is up to God to do it. It is all very well to “know” all about it, and completely “understand” it, but it takes “wisdom” to correct it.

God is the Sovereign ruler and therefore the buck stops with him. If Heaven is to remain perfect, his “wisdom” dictates that he has to come up with the perfect solution.

God is Eternal life and by definition he can always do whatever is required to maintain it.

God is Righteous so whatever he does will remain within his Righteousness.

God is Love so whatever God does through it, will bring the best possible result for himself and all those who live in Heaven.

The Spirit of Wisdom consists of attributes that are not found in anyone else; therefore as it shines near the throne of God it adds even more contrast on his Majestic being to any of those he created.

The Spirit of Counsel

Heaven is as it is because of God and him alone. He is the only influence in its creation, nor does any other have any say in its government.

That is how it is, so the decision we have to make is simple; do we want to live with God forever, or go somewhere else?

Only once has there been a challenge in Heaven and that caused a tremendous reaction in which the loyalty of all the other angels was tested.

For all who respect the ability of God to rule over them stayed where they are, while the others decided that they preferred to go somewhere else. Eventually, when the smoke clears the eternal dwelling place of everyone will be decided, any dissention will never happen again.

Mankind is aware of the prospects of a future kingdom that is ours if we choose positively for God, for Isaiah spoke of it in Chapter 9; Verses 6+7.

“For us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace, there will be no end.” (NIV)

The Spirit of Power

Eternal power needs no introduction. This is seen by everyone; who will respond to it is dependent on their own volition. It is one of God’s obvious attributes which can be seen by everyone, for it took God’s “Eternal Power” and “Divine Nature” to create the things he has made. (Romans 1).

God’s Power is recognised by everyone, so much so that between his “Power” and “Nature”, all those who do not glorify him are responsible for their own volitional choice and they have no excuse.

God’s power is an inexhaustible energy as no one has seen it diminish in any way, it is the same now as it was at our beginning, and the evidence indicates it has been the same for millions of years. There are no signs in Heaven of it weakening or “O Morning Star” would not have wanted to be like “The Most High” if he did not hold such a position of power.

Therefore to add The Spirit of Power as a light to further enhance his Majesty is a logical choice.

The Spirit of Fear of the Lord.

This one is different as it highlights to one thing God cannot change.

Ezekiel 28:11 onwards tells the story of an angel who knew about the very best of Heaven.

He was the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. He was in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone adorned him. On the day he was created they were prepared. He was on the Holy mount of God.

He was blameless in his ways from the day he was created till wickedness was found in him.

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord has done his best, this angel from his creation has only seen the best there is. If he has seen the best of Heaven, that is the best there is. However the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord failed to convince him he should remain loyal to God.

The one thing God has no control over is the volition of both the angels in Heaven and the people on earth. He has demonstrated that even in the absolute best of conditions it is up to the individual to make up their own minds. God does his best to shine as much light on his Majestic being as his Majesty deserves, but if that does not work, there is nothing more he can do.

For the unbelievers he can say that it is through their pride they will spend eternity in Hell, “Don’t blame me”.

This angel who fits the description of O Morning Star who surely had seen enough of the capability of God, but instead of glorifying God looked to himself and decided he wanted the power and the glory instead.

Has this story cause the light of the Seven Spirits of God burn any brighter? I certainly hope it has.

Certainly it has taken almost a lifetime of study to compile the information required to put it to paper. However it was never a chore as I have enjoyed my time, and the only thing I would do differently, is to realise those Seven Spirits earlier.

I would love to think that while there have been many Olive Trees over the time, I am considered as being one of them.

Trevor Topsfield


Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved.

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