From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

Sit at my right hand

The Lord says to my Lord; “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet”. Psalm 110:1 (NIV).

This passage in Psalm 110 refers to God the Father (The Lord) saying to Jesus Christ (my Lord): “sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet”.

This is important for both the Church and Israel to know the enemies of God will be defeated. It was a practice carried by soldiers of the victorious army to humble those they had defeated; intimidating them by placing a foot on their kneeling captives.

It was a public display at the victory ceremony for the winners, one of the spoils of war and a motivation to win. History has many examples of soldiers fighting ferociously to the death to avoid the humiliation of defeat. However the purpose of this exercise is to place the victory ceremony in question to where it belongs in history.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection he appeared to his disciples for forty days to prove he was still alive. After this time he was taken up to heaven before their eyes. (Act 1:9) When he arrived there he was told by God the Father to sit at his right hand while he (God the Father) makes his enemies a footstool.

In the future Jesus will get up and come almost to the earth where in the clouds he terminates the Church by calling all its members past and present to come up and be with him. Those who have died will be raised first; then those who are alive will be raised also to meet him in the air. With the reunion everyone will receive their eternal bodies. (1 Thessalonians 4:17)

This indicates that throughout the whole time the Church is functioning, God the Father is waging a war with Jesus’ enemies. But who are they?

It all started when O morning star, son of dawn said in his heart.

“I will make myself like the “Most High”. Isaiah (14:14)

The “Love” of God had total control; for how long I don’t know, what I do know is that heaven was a very pleasant place to be. Everything was effortlessly supplied by God from his Eternal power and Divine Nature to all the angels that lived there. So easy did it appear for God to maintain the status quo, an angel called “O morning star” thought he could take over from God and rule heaven instead.

While all the angels had only known the “Love” of God, it was the “Justice” of God that responded to his rebellion and he was a totally different.

The angels were created perfect as God can only produce perfection. Initially God called them stars as their bodies consisted of light and there was no darkness in their total being. God sustained them in every way and through their relationship was the source powering their lives.

However the pride of O morning star contaminated his own perfection, God therefore broke off his relationship with him so he would not be contaminated too. Without that connection the power behind O morning star ceased, the light of his life went out and he became mere ashes of his former being. (Ezekiel 28:15-19)

To maintain the perfection of heaven all the stars had to respect God’s position as supreme ruler and continue within the standards he had set. The standard is perfection, but that was not difficult for the stars as they were created perfect, so perfection was the natural thing to do.

O morning star was able do anything he liked as he lived in heaven, except one thing. He could not reject God as the authority.

A perfect thought was to accept God to be God so he can continue maintaining the perfection of heaven, but to reject God as the ultimate authority is a thought less than that.

No star had ever done it before, to consider being like “the Most high” is the ultimate that pride can reach and demonstrates a total lack of faith in God. God acknowledged his decision and from then on he was god to himself and God left him alone.

O morning star then convinced about one third of the Stars to follow him in his quest to be like the Most High and their lights of their lives went out also.

A different name came with the different body style and Satan (which means accuser) is clearly the antagonist of God. While under the name of “O morning star” as a star is the one who originally rebelled. So Satan, while being the same person has a name to suit his position. Satan then became the Devil and the other fallen stars became demons.

The fallen angels therefore had become the enemies of the “Love” of God as they tried to usurp his authority.

The justice of God then took away their freedom to roam about heaven and exiled them to the earth so the maintenance of the perfection of heaven could be maintained. Here on earth they functioned from their imperfect selves (their sinfulness) with the result that their imperfections (sins) compounded and multiplied. This continued until they destroyed the environment and the earth became formless and empty. (Genesis 1:1)

God had prepared the earth with its own eco system (Isaiah 45:18) to cope with such a situation as he knew in advance this would happen even though he did not tamper with their volition.

A permanent solution was required so God created hell as an eternal home for these wayward beings. The fires of hell will burn up all the imperfections as they are produced, therefore maintaining the perfection of everywhere else.

Hell when it was revealed came as a huge shock! No one imagined God could create such a horrible place but it has to fulfil the purpose of destroying the production of their sinfulness.

Satan accused God for being unfair with such a harsh judgement, so God restored the earth to something of its former glory to give them a chance to prove if this was true.

With creation of man having the same ability to choose for or against God, Satan had the chance to win us over to his way of life and therefore rule the world for it was originally given to us. Of course the story is well known and apples have received a lot of bad publicity, but it was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that Adam and Eve ate.

The name of the tree should have been a warning in itself, but Adam and Eve only knew perfection so a lesser way of life had caught them off guard. To eat the fruit of the tree of life was a positive step to continue in the perfection of their creation with God being their ultimate authority, but they chose to follow Satan’s policy and in this way he took over the rulership of the world.

Can Satan and his crew prove they are capable of ruling the world?

We can all be the judge, for we experience good and evil and can tell it falls short of the perfection that the “eternal power” and “divine nature” of God demonstrates in the creation. The rulership of the world and the creation of the universe are the work of two completely different beings.

But the battle is between the “Justice” of God and Satan and the demons as “Justice” told “Love” to sit at his right hand and he will sort this issue out.

We who belong to the Church are in the middle of this conflict; so we should be able to see evidence of it as it continues around us.

The Church has functioned now for nearly 2000 years, is the Father any closer to make Jesus’ enemies a footstool? I can see ample evidence that Satan is failing on several fronts.

Our jails are full to overflowing; so much for his ability to control sinfulness.

Poverty is ripe in all societies, while in some religious nations it is chronic; so much for his ability to provide.

Drugs and alcohol are used excessively among so many societies; so much for his ability to give a satisfactory meaning to life.

Here are just three examples; pages could be filled to give more, but different people will notice different weaknesses depending on their interests.

It is worth a mention at this time to cast our minds back to when Satan as O morning star saw how easy the Love of God was maintaining perfection and supplying all the stars in heaven with everything they needed. But it’s not as simple as he thought, God can do it, but it is impossible for any other for only God has the resources needed at his command.

To rub salt into the wound God can and will provide for his own here and now, we only have to ask.

What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? You want something but you don’t get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask God. James 4:1+2 (NIV)

However if God is not recognised for what he is; then for these people there is no one to ask and he cannot help a single soul if he is not God to them.

While for the believers who are not in fellowship with God, God has temporary ceased his relationship so they too will not receive even if they ask. Therefore we as believers need to maintain our fellowship with God so we are constantly in a position to ask so then we will receive.

So God is way in front when it comes to their abilities to rule and Satan knows it. So is there another way of winning the war? Where does God have a weakness?

The Jews; Yes! He has promised so much to them, yet they appear to have let him down. God had to replace them with the Church because of their failure to recognise Jesus Christ when he came. However while the Jews have failed God on occasions, God has always been faithful to them and they are still the apple of his eye.

Surely an offensive against the Jews should succeed. If the Jews were to be annihilated and God could not keep his promises then this is the proof he is not as perfect as he makes out, which would mean he loses the war. God’s character in this case would only be relative to Satan’s and not an absolute, God may or may not be better than Satan but neither is perfect.

In the past Satan set up a principle called anti-Semitism or is it just a negative attitude towards God of unbelievers, either way there is a general negative attitude towards the Jews, for they are God’s people to whom he has promised so much.

There have been many attempts to rid the world of the Jews, none more so than the Second World War.

Everything fell into place for Adolf Hitler to be able to rule Germany and amass one of the greatest armies ever. His ability to build huge numbers of fighting equipment of very high destructive capability to use on land, sea and air is beyond most previous Commanders. It would appear as though he was given the chance to rule the world, but it would seem he had to get rid of the Jews as part of the deal.

How Hitler was motivated I have no idea, but he tried to do exactly what Satan would want, for things like the Holocaust and Jewish persecution could easily be suggested as the main objective. His reward was to rule the nations he conquered.

However, if you fight against the Jews you fight against God and he is never going to be beaten. God was always on the side of the free world and while it looked grim for a long time, the right side was always going to win. It is worth a thought that regardless of the might of the Third Reich the Jews still exist, but it doesn’t.

If Hitler had won; the Jews would no longer exist and neither would freedom of the world as the Third Reich would be in charge. This would mean the ability of the population to choose for or against God would cease also which God will never let happen.

The Third Reich was not the enemy of Jesus mentioned in The Bible because it has been defeated and Jesus is still seated at the right hand of the God the Father, neither are any of the other smaller wars we have endured since 1945.

So who is this enemy? Obviously not the Jews, they are the apple of God’s eye.

If the Jews have a strong connection to God, then the Arabs are most likely to be his enemy as these two have groups have appeared to be on opposite sides from the time Ishmael. (About 1900 BC)

Like the angels, the human race can only do one thing wrong, which is not to believe God is God. To think I will be like the Most High and be the ultimate authority, at least for myself. For all who persist with this attitude God leaves them to it, but they have to function from their own nature and resources which excludes them from heaven.

It is true the Jews have failed to always do the right thing by God; it is also true that God is God to them and it is only temporary lapses to follow their own instincts which have got themselves in trouble.

The Arabs on the other hand have rejected the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their god and they have no other option than function within themselves.

Around 570 CE Muhammad came on the scene with messages from Allah and he united the Arabs with a religion that took the place of the Jews relationship with God. It is interesting to note that when a date is mentioned concerning the Arabs they use CE (Common Era), instead of AD (Anno Domini) as they ignore the importance of Jesus Christ.

The introduction of Islam was just what the Arabs were seeking as it was consistent with their own rejection of the God of the Jews and they were all united with a common cause. However, Allah (their word for god) is not the God of Israel and has no resources of his own and all his adherents will have work for everything they want.

The financial position is the real test between Allah’s ability to support his people and God’s ability to do the same for Israel.

At this present time the Church is functioning as God’s representatives here on earth, while the Jews through their rejection of Jesus when he came have temporary forfeited this responsibility. This does not mean they are not the apple of God’s eye, nor does it mean he has forgotten them.

Even if they are not asking for his support, he is still giving it to them. God has remained faithful regardless.

Israel’s economy is basically base on advance technologically and in 2015 was in the top 18 nations in the world calculated by UN’s Human development Index, so it is very highly developed. Since it received its independence from the Brits in 1948, it is the highest ranked nation in the Middle East, greater than even Austria, France and Finland.

But it is a different story about the Islamic community.

Half of global poverty is in the Muslim world. This concern was addressed by Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics while speaking at Islamic Microfinance Symposium that was held at Tunis. He also observes that poverty is decreasing in non-Muslim countries, but it is on the increase in the Muslim world.

While the Islamic population is well over 20% their Gross Domestic Production is only about 5% of global GDP with a considerable amount of that coming from oil.

While the Muslims outnumber the Jews by roughly 100 to 1, the Jews have received about 180 Nobel prizes to the Muslims less than 10, not counting some they have received for “peace” which has appeared to be fairly unsuccessful.

It could easily be suggested that Islam does not help Muslims out, for because of Mohammed’s journey one night on a “flying donkey” which seems to have covered 760 miles between Jerusalem and Mecca, in addition there was also a diversion to heaven. While I personally cannot find out the connection, but it seems this is why Muslims are required to prostrate themselves 5 times a day, However, because of these constant interruptions their ability to learn skills and apply them under normal working conditions limits their ability to achieve. The result of all this prayer activities leaves them generally poor and unskilled

At the same time a reward for their loyalty from a non-Muslim’s understanding is a plural number of virgins which is a very short term prospect. A virgin by definition is short lived; while more than one woman under one roof is just more trouble.

Even though the Church has temporary taken over from the Jews as God’s representative, its time will end and the Jews will continue from where they left off. Therefore God is getting them ready to resume the role of his active servants.

Their affluence needs to be restored, living in their homeland and knowing everything they need for the job in hand is theirs for the asking.

On the other hand the Islamic community suffers from the fact that Allah has no resources of his own to call on, they cannot ask him for help or if they do Allah cannot deliver.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can and will supply all the needs of his people (Jews and other believers) and to add further insult to injury to Allah he will do it for eternity.

Islamic State have demonstrated their barbaric nature with cowardly and monstrous actions such as randomly setting off explosions in crowds of civilians, randomly killing scores of innocent people. Brutal attacks on people who just happen to be in the wrong place and the wrong time for no other reason than the joy of doing it. To further shame Allah they do it his name.

Within their religious system there appears from the outside there is no way of countering their sinfulness and while many Muslim show they are appalled, there is nothing that can be done to limit the disgusting acts of Islamic extremist.

On the other hand God also has to manage the sinfulness of his people, and he does it firstly by setting a standard of decency. Then so they can achieve his standards he gives every believer the Holy Spirit to live within each one of us to produce the righteousness of God. Because God is eternal, his righteousness is perfect as is performed on occasions by believers; therefore even the unbelievers show some restraint on their sinfulness too if they live in the proximity of believers.

Me! I think there is enough evidence to easily decide the matter, but it has to be conclusive for there will not be another appeal for all eternity.

And where will this victory ceremony take place?

Only time will tell; but I am glad and extremely grateful to be on the winning side.

Trevor Topsfield


Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishin

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