From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

The Spirit of the Lord

In eternity past; before the creation of the universe, God “Almighty” existed as a Spirit.

A very long time ago God “Almighty” decided to become a finite being. To indicate this he became the “Word”, a word is a finite visual manifestation of all that it means. In the same way the “Word” is a finite visual manifestation of all that God “Almighty” is as a Spirit.

So When God created the heavens and the earth, he included in the heavens a room where his throne is located. In front of his throne is a Lampstand with seven lamps with each lamp shining forth one of the seven Spirits of God. They are a daily reminder that God has these Spirits and therefore has what it takes to rule his creation and maintain it and its perfection forever. For everyone else the awareness of their personal limitations should cause them to respect God’s authority as no one else has attributes that can compare.

These lamps were

The Spirit of the Lord

The Spirit of Wisdom

The Spirit Understanding

The Spirit of Council

The Spirit of Power

The Spirit of Knowledge

The Spirit of Fear of the Lord

These seven Spirits should demonstrate that God is God to all, as they are the dominant influence in the creation, and the running of it.

However, it is obvious that God uses different functions of his personality to achieve individual tasks so everything is done that keeps his creation running perfectly. But regardless of these functions they are all achieved by God and the seven Spirits indicate that all the standards are maintained.

To illustrate I will use the Spirit of the Lord.

God is Lord over his universe, for heaven to be the perfect; it needs his Love to be in control as only it will bring about perfect results for everyone including himself. So God’s Love shines through all his works as it maintains the standard set by his seven Spirits. These Spirits are more than enough evidence to indicate Love has the authority to be Lord overall, and respect for him is expected.

But when God made Love to rule over his creation, there appeared to be an apparent weakness in it. This became apparent when O Morning Star son of Dawn who was one of the angel said in his heart; “I will make myself like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:13+14). For Love to function as only perfect Love can, it requires respect for his authority from every one’s free will as it has no disciplinary function. O Morning Star saw how the Love of God could simply supply whatever was needed and do whatever had to be done, in fact so easy did it appear; anyone could do it. While at the same time Love appeared gullible as it relied on others respect to maintain its exulted position.

So when O Morning Star’s respect for God’s Love ceased and he considered they were “equals”, Justice sprang into action as such arrogance would destroy the perfection of heaven. Any interference from another in the running of God’s creation could only destroy its perfection of which God has to maintain if he is to keep its eternal quality. (Only perfection last forever as any imperfection would compound and multiply until everything is destroyed).

The condemnation of O Morning Star by the Justice of God and the actions he took came as a complete surprise. God’s Love ruled for the benefit of others, and that alone. The actions of God’s Justice are motivated entirely by standards. Where there is righteousness he has nothing to do, but he condemns unrighteousness every time he finds it. The resultant actions he took because of O Morning Star’s arrogance had to restore the perfection his unrighteousness had destroyed, and rule in the place of God’s Love until every form of unrighteousness is judged and dealt with.

God’s Love can only rule where there is respect for his authority, as only then does he have complete control over his entire kingdom. Any dissention would ruin its perfection and eternal quality, so that it would eventually collapse which God cannot allow to happen.

God’s Love only functions in order to bring about a perfect environment for everyone. Nothing else matters.

God’s Justice must maintain the standard of perfection with no other consideration. Nothing else matters. He does not care who gets hurt in the process as there not a hint of Love in anything he does. Therefore when he created hell to perform a particular function, it had to achieve all of its purposes regardless of how horrible it had to be.

So Love maintained heaven to be the perfect place to be, while Justice cares nothing about how pleasant or unpleasant it is, only that it does the job Justice required of it. So the differences between God’s Love and his Justice became obvious to all the angels when hell was revealed.

O Morning Star name was changed to Satan which means “adversary” as when he saw what Justice had in store for him and his followers; he challenged God for being too severe.

God’s perfection at this stage seems to cause a conflict within his own characteristics as both Love and Justice are mutually exclusive because of their perfection, with an apparent emphasis on Justice. The challenge is made against Love, as it seems to have lost the battle with Justice which could be the reason why Satan and the demons are doomed as Love is too weak to challenge.

The question is asked. Does God’s Love count for nothing, when Justice does not care?

A test case was needed to ascertain if there are weaknesses in any of God’s characteristics, for if it is found God is not as perfect as his seven Spirits indicate, then Justice too could have gone outside these standards in the case of Satan and his demons. Any fault found in the character of God would prove he is not perfect and therefore judgments he makes could be flawed also.

So Love has to stay within the goal posts set by God’s seven Spirits and so does Justice.

So that each of these attributes of God’s can be tested, God introduced mankind to resolve these issues.

Just like the angels; mankind was created perfect, and like them we have our own volition to use however we please. Of course God’s Love was the first contact God had with Adam and Eve and with their perfection came no response from Justice, as none was required.

With the perfection they were created with came eternal life, so one way or another they had what it took to live with God forever. If these two had stayed that way Love would have been their only contact with God and Justice would have remained dormant.

To give Adam and Eve the same choice as the angels of choosing between God and Satan there were two trees in the Garden of Eden with special significance; the fruit from tree of Life was a choice to continue as they were. God’s Love warned them against eating the fruit from the other tree, but the choice between them was there.

However mankind fell afoul of Justice when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Good and evil represented the policies Satan would use if and when he was in control. The name in itself indicated it was not perfect and so its fruit contaminated Adam and Eve when they ate it.

Their condemnation was separation from God by expulsion from the garden so they would not contaminate him, and with their perfection went their ability to live forever.

It looked like O Morning Star/Satan and mankind are in similar situations as both because of their sinfulness are barred from heaven and contact with God. As it turned out mankind is not completely lost as their situation was different to the situation of O Morning Star.

Adam and Eve’s error was that they decided to do what they wanted regardless of the consequences even though God had warned them about eating the fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. While they had some bad advice, eating the fruit from Satan’s tree was a voluntary action to go astray.

So can God’s Love help mankind when it failed to help Satan and the demons?

The situation of O Morning Star found him in; was that he had rejected God’s Love as being God when he decided to be like the “Most High”, and the demons followed him with their rejection of Love also. Therefore without the respect Love needs to maintain his position he then becomes powerless to help as he is no longer God to these renegade angels.

Love was not at fault under these conditions; O Morning Star of his own choice elected to defy all that the seven Spirits of God indicated and rely on his own personality which was never going to help him or the demons.

On the other hand; Adam and Eve decided to go their own way without being disrespectful to the Love of God therefore he was still God to them and he could apply the seven Spirits to their situation.

Of course we know how the Love of God reacted; the “Word” became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus Christ took upon him our going astray, and turning each to our own way. So the Love of God was judged by the Justice

So Love did all that was necessary to restore the righteousness Adam and Eve lost when they went their own way and ate from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, even though it was through his own personal sacrifice. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) (NIV)

So Love came through with flying colours, and maintained all the standards demanded by the seven Spirits of God. Justice also did what perfect Justice had to do; he saw sinfulness on the cross and he judged it. Both God’s Love and his Justice did exactly what they are designed to do, and they did it perfectly.

God’s Love has done all it can do, it has taken upon him and paid the price. Everyone therefore has the righteousness of God, so as far as God is concerned we all without exception would be welcomed into heaven. No one can even suggest that they are destined for condemnation because God had anything to do with it; on the contrary he has done everything so everyone would avoid it.

The only reason any one is condemned is because they have rejected the authority of the Love of God/Jesus Christ, so they decided to go against the Seven Spirits of God and brought about their own condemnation.

Trevor Topsfield

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