From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

The War Room

The stage is set; – Another session of the War Council as described in Revelation Chapter 4.

There is a throne and God is seated on it, he looks like jasper and carnelian, with a rainbow resembling an emerald encircling the throne.

There are also 24 other thrones and seated on them are 24 elders; all dressed in white and have golden crowns.

From the throne came flashes of lightening and rumblings of thunder. Before the throne, seven lamps are blazing which are the seven spirits of God, and around it there seems to be a sea of glass as clear as crystal.

In the centre around the throne were four living creatures.

The first one looked like a lion.

The second one was like an ox.

The third had a face like a man.

The forth was like a flying eagle.

They all had six wings and they were covered with eyes front and back.

Day and night they never stopped saying; Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.

This War Room is different from anything here on earth, because this is a description of one seen by John through an open door in heaven.

It appears as though all the important ones are there to discuss what can be done concerning the scroll sealed with seven seals and held by God (Rev. 5-1). So damaging is its contents that no one appears to be there who can take the responsibility to break the seals and open the scroll. However someone has to do it as there will be terrible consequences if nothing is done.

John wept because no one could be found worthy to break the seals and release the contents of the scroll. Then one of the elders said to him. “Do not weep; see the lion of the tribe of Judah has triumphed, he is able to open the scroll by breaking the seals”.

The scroll is the result of a similar meeting when the final fate of all unbelievers was discussed. Clearly they cannot be allowed to enter the kingdom of God, as their sinfulness would destroy its perfection and eternal quality. Therefore a plan was made that would deal with them, but it had to be not only fair, but seen to be fair also.

The plight of all these people was avoidable because Jesus took upon him their sinfulness and so none of them need to be doomed as they are; it is entirely their fault.

Because Jesus has done all that is required for them to have avoided their condemnation, he can break the seals so the scroll can be opened and all that has been decided can be acted out.

The first seal summons a White horse and its rider held a bow and he was given a crown. He rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

The second seal summons a Red horse and its rider was given the power to take peace from the earth and for men to kill one another

The third seal summons a Black horse and its rider was holding a pair of scales and he was saying. “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, or three quarts of barley, but do not damage the oil or wine.”

The forth seal summons a pale horse and its rider is named Death, and Hades followed close behind.

When the fifth seal was opened; John saw under the altar the souls of those who were killed because of the Word of God. They were crying out; “How long until you avenge our blood by judging the inhabitants of the earth”. They were given white robes and told to wait as there will be others still to come in similar circumstances.

When the sixth seal was opened there was a great earthquake and the sun turned black, the moon red, and many other disasters. The people hid in caves among the rocks to escape these catastrophes and they cried out to the rocks, “Fall on us to hide us from God who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb”.

At this point John saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land, sea or even the trees.

Everything has been stopped as something else must happen first. The seventh seal has not been broken, therefore the scroll has not been opened, and all that is written in the scroll will be delayed.

Next thing mentioned is there will be 144000 Jews to have a seal on their foreheads and they will be the recognisable spearheads of an evangelistic push throughout the world. These 144000 are part of Israel who as a whole will once again function as God’s representatives here on earth.

Right now the Church does that job because the 5th stage of discipline was administered to the Jews in 70 AD which put them out of commission, but they will have another chance at a future time.

Nothing has happened that the six seals demand in the plan to deal with the unbelieving population. While the Church is functioning anything concerning Israel is put on hold until the Church has run its course, but no one knows how long that will be. So there is an unknown time lapse before the seventh seal is broken and the scroll is opened.

The scroll is concerned with what will happen with the unbelieving people here on earth, but while the Church functions Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father while he (the Father) makes his (Jesus’) enemies a footstool for his feet (Psalm 110:1). Before the seventh seal can be broken, God the Father has to sort out Jesus’ enemies who include Satan and his demons where ever they are found.

The Church will continue until Jesus returns to the clouds and calls all its members, both past and present to come and be with him forever more.

However once this has been achieved and God’s people (the Jews) will function again as they should, the scroll can be opened and all that is in it can be let lose.

In Chapter eight the seventh seal is opened and there is silence in heaven for thirty minutes.

Then John saw seven angels standing before God and they were given a trumpet each.

Another angel (not one of the seven) had a golden censer and was given lots of incense to offer along with the prayers of the saints. The smoke of this offering went up before God from the angel. Then the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and hurled it to the earth, and from there it became thunder, lightning and earthquakes.

Getting back to the 7 angels with their trumpets, when the first four trumpets sounded, all manner of unnatural disasters occurred on a worldwide basis.

Fire mixed with blood, and one third of the earth was burnt. A huge mountain was thrown into the sea, along with so many other disasters that happened in Biblical proportions.

Then an eagle called out a warning in a loud voice; “Woe, Woe, Woe” to everyone on the earth. (Rev 8;13)

With the sound of the fifth trumpet a star with the key to the Abyss will open it, and smoke will rise as from a giant furnace. (Rev. 9;1) The sun and sky will be darkened, and out of the smoke locusts will appear with stings of scorpions. The locusts were told not to harm anything except for the people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

The locusts were not given the power to kill the people, only torture them for 5 months. The agony they suffered was like the sting of a scorpion, so much so the people would seek death and long to die, but death would elude them. The locusts looked like horses ready for battle, and they are obviously very ferocious. To make the situation even worse, Apollyon will be king over the people as he is trusted demon and the leader of all those who are imprisoned in the Abyss.

There are three “Woes” and the third one indicates the worse possible situation, but for it to have its full impact, the first two are so terrible they prepare the people for what is to come.

Apollyon has been imprisoned in the Abyss because he led the demons in Noah’s day to have sex with those women. If it had not been for Noah and his family who did not get involved, the human race would have simply disappeared as the world’s population would consist of a half demon/half human hybrid.

Apollyon is mentioned in Revelation 17:8 where everyone will be astonished when they see him, because he once “was” in Noah’s day. While at the time of John writing Revelation he is “not”, but will “come again” in the future.

There have been seven kings who have ruled over Israel throughout their history (17:10). Five have fallen. One is when Revelations was written, and he represents the Rome Empire. But there is one still to come. The one still to come is the revised Roman Empire, but this speaks of the time when Israel is in control of the things of God again.

The seventh king will not do what is required of him by the forces opposing God, so Apollyon will be made the eighth king and a “Woe” to the people on the earth.

You need to read Revelation Chapter 9 to fully appreciate the misery that will be caused at this time.

When the sixth trumpets sounds (Rev.9;13) the angel who has the trumpet will say. “Release the four angels who have been kept ready to kill a third of mankind, and 200 million mounted troops”.

Without going into all the gory details we should be getting the message that it will not be good for anyone to remain an unbeliever. However all this activity will not cause the people as a whole to change their minds.

Before the seventh trumpet is sounded, another mighty angel robed in white came down from heaven, holding a little scroll which lay open in his hand. The content of this scroll has already been revealed as it is open and has been for a very long time.

He planted his right foot on the sea and the left on the land. He gave a shout like the roar of a lion, and when he shouted the voice of seven thunders spoke.

Just as John was about to write down what the seven thunders said, a voice from heaven told him not to do that, so I have no way of knowing what they said.

The angel who was standing on the sea and the land raised his right hand and swore by God the creator of the heavens and the earth and said. “There will be no more delay”. When the seventh angel sounds his trumpet the mystery of God will accomplished, just as the information was given to his prophets.

John was told to take the little scroll from the hand of the angel standing on the sea and the land and eat it. By eating it he took in all that the little scroll implied, and while it was sweet in his mouth it was sour in his stomach. When God is God to a person, he or she believes in Jesus Christ. The Gospel is then sweet to the believers, but having been partakers of the good there is the realisation that for many others, they will have missed on salvation. It is a very sour prospect for believers as they will have unbelieving friends and can do nothing about it.

Then John was told that he must prophesy again and spread the word so there will be more with the sweet taste in their mouths.

Chapter 11 tells of John receiving a measuring rod to measure the Temple of God, the altar and the number of worshippers, but exclude the rest as only the believers are counted.

The next thing mentioned are the two witnesses who are two olive trees. They are the source of the oil for the seven spirits of God who lights shine from the Lampstand here on earth, and is the image to the one found in heaven. To cover the story of the two witnesses I will insert another story I wrote earlier.

The Lampstand

The Lampstand is a piece of furniture and part of Jewish history that was commissioned by God to have its place in the Tabernacle, and later in the Temple in Jerusalem when it was built.

The instructions of how it was to be made are given starting in Exodus 25:31. Six branches are to extend from the centre stem with lamps on all of them, making seven lamps in all. Only the instructions to make it are given in this passage, and it was to be made according to the pattern shown to Moses on Mount Sinai. The Lampstand was to be part of the law and it consisted of seven lamps with each one designed to shine one of the seven Spirits of God here on earth as they do in heaven, Revelation 4:5.

These Spirits are :-.

1 The Spirit of the Lord

2 The Spirit of Wisdom

3 The Spirit of Understanding

4 The Spirit of Counsel

5 The Spirit Power

6 The Spirit of Knowledge

7 The Spirit of Fear for the Lord. (Isaiah 11:2)

Each lamp was connected to the bowl that stored olive oil, the fuel for the individual lamps. No further information concerning the Lampstand is mentioned, as the function of the Lampstand was self-explanatory. The Seven Spirits of God spoke for themselves.

The oil was to be the Jews as they carried out their function of being God’s people, demonstrating to the world God’s Divine nature through his Spirits.

While this was the theory, in practice it did not always work out.

To make sure the Jews did the right thing, God set out 5 stages of discipline to keep them on the correct path they were to take. These stages are recorded in Leviticus 26: 14-35, with each stage being seven times more severe than the one before. The 5th stage was the temporary destruction of the nation and the Jews suffered badly each time it occurred.

In 586 BC God administered the 5th stage to the Southern Kingdom through Nebuchadnezzar the Chaldean, which meant the Jews had failed in their task to be God’s people; this also meant they failed to be the oil for the Seven Spirits of God. Each of the Spirit’s lights went out because they had no fuel to keep them burning, and the function of the Lampstand ceased. With the Seven Spirits no longer speaking for themselves and because they no longer had an impact, there came a time when the purpose and function of the Lampstand was forgotten.

However the 5th stage of discipline did not last forever and when was coming to an end, the function of the Lampstand needed to be re-learned.

How it works was explained to Zechariah in a dream.

Around 520 BC, Zechariah the prophet spoke about a future that once again included a relationship with God. Part of his ministry was to remind them of the importance of the Lampstand which they would need to know about if they were to continue successfully as God’s people.

An Angel came to Zechariah while he was asleep and when he awoke the angel asked him what he saw. (Zechariah 4:2)

Zechariah had seen a Lampstand made of gold with seven lights and a bowl with a channel to each light from the bowl.

Zechariah also saw two Olive Trees one either side of the bowl. (Zechariah 4:3)

The angel asked Zechariah about the Olive Trees, (Zechariah 4:12) but he did not know the answer.

It was the Olive Trees that supplied the oil needed to keep these seven lamps burning so the Spirits of God could be a light unto the World.

But who are the Olive Trees?

The Olive Trees are two witnesses found in Revelation 11:4. This passage refers to a future time; after the Church has run its course, and the Jews will have resumed their official role as God’s people. The Olive Trees are two Jews who will be active at this future time in providing oil for the Lampstand. They will have special powers so that for their allotted time they cannot be harmed and for all who try will feel the full force of the wrath of God.

However as Revelation Chapter 11 explains their allotted time will run out, and they will be killed, and their bodies will lie on the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days. There will be much jubilation as the enemies of God will consider it a victory and many will gloat as they pass by their dead bodies. Suddenly the rejoicing will cease when God will personally and publically call them to come up and be with him in heaven. To make sure the message of these two Olives Trees is hammered home, the city will be shaken by a severe earthquake and a tenth of it will collapse and seven thousand people will die.

This incident will happen right near the end of the Jewish age.

At this point there is a complication that needs some explanation.

When God administered the 5th stage of discipline to the Jews in 586 BC it lasted only 70 years. Thousands of Jews were killed, and Nebuchadnezzar took many of the younger generation as captives to Babylon. While they were there they saw the error of their parent’s ways and got back on track again. With the instructions on how the Lampstand was to function from Zechariah they had the seven spirits of God shining out to the world as they were designed.

In 70AD the 5th stage of discipline was administered again; this time by the Romans; however it was to last for a lot longer. So much longer God needed a replacement to take their place and so the Church has been given its chance at keeping the 7 Spirits of God being a light unto the world.

The question could well be asked. Are the Seven Spirits of God still burning?

Certainly, God allotted to the Church the task of keeping these lights shining and there are seven individual Churches listed in the beginning of Revelation who have been assigned the job.

Their story is found in the first three Chapters and although it records only a short period of the life of these Churches, it appears some had already fallen somewhat short of the optimum expected of them by God. How the individual Churches perform within the Church as a whole is between them and their God, but whatever it is, God will guarantee those Seven Spirits will keep on shining. No one regardless of their time or situation will not see the Divine Nature of God and understand their need to appreciate him.

The Church (as a whole) will run its course and while it functions as God’s witness to the world, God’s presence will be felt even if there are many who refuse to acknowledge it.

When it is over Jesus Christ will come and gather up all who belong to him to enjoy their eternity. Then it will be the Jews responsibility once again to keep those Seven Spirits shining.

So there is a time coming when it will be Israel’s responsibility to once again supply the oil for the Lampstand, but not to worry as there will be two Olive Trees able to do it.

For 1260 days these two Olive Trees will make sure, even under very trying circumstances the seven Spirits of God are shining brightly, so that everyone understands the Divine Nature of God if only through his Spirits.  

A conclusion can be logically made from the application of the two Olive Trees of Revelation is that the Church, which has not yet completed its time here on earth. It is highly likely there are Olives trees belonging to it which will declare the Gospel right to the end of its franchise. At all times and every generation, everyone realises the Divine Nature and Eternal Power of God, so for all who do not glorify him, they have no excuse.

The discourse on the two olive trees concludes the second “Woe” and the third is to come. The second “Woe” is a disaster for all who have not changed the minds; even with the seven Spirits of God constantly burning. They continue to ignore God’s power and nature again and again. Against all the odds they have missed out on redemption. This “Woe” is almost as bad as it can be. But the third “Woe” is even worse, and is ushered in with the sound of the seventh trumpet.

The kingdom that did function here on earth has ceased and the earth has become the kingdom of Jesus Christ. When the kingdom of Jesus starts here on earth; it will begin with believers only. So the third “Woe” finds all the unbelievers removed from the face of the earth with no chance of salvation. Their eternity is finally settled. They are in the worse possible situation and will remain in hell for eternity. Their chance to accept Jesus Christ as savior has come and gone. For ever that is how it will be, and it cannot improve as the third “Woe” continues to continue. .

All that was written in the scroll will be done as it was decided, and the fate of all unbelievers will finally be accomplished.

Trevor Topsfield


To find out more of the action that will occur at these times I suggest you read the book “From the Beginning” by the same author and website, as it covers the end times also.

Between this story and the book; they complement each other and a better understanding of this subject should be become clearer.


Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing














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