From the Beginning

A STORY OF "TIME" by Trevor Topsfield

The Woman

God existed, even when nothing else did.

He is eternal; therefore he has always existed and always will.

However, there is a proviso to his continuity; he must remain perfect as only perfection lasts forever.

There came a time when God decided to become a finite person so he needed a home. So the first thing he did was to create the Heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1) With the universe came the opportunity to create other creatures so he could enjoy their company, they all had bodies of light and he called them “Stars”. They were perfect in both their lives and their bodies and because they were made of light there was no darkness in their total being.

God had to ensure the stars remained perfect so Heaven would maintain its eternal status; therefore they all had to accept the authority of God and stay within the standard he required.

Heaven was a perfect place to live and the stars would move around there with the freedom to do whatever they pleased.

All this was threatened when a star called “Son of the Morning” saw himself superior to the rest and decided he would make himself like “The Most High” and rule over them. (Isaiah 14:13+14) Such a demonstration of arrogance was and a huge departure from the righteousness of God, so something had to done because no star has the ability to rule Heaven.

This was the very first imperfection and it meant that God was no longer God to “Son of the Morning”. God broke off his connection with him, so there was no power to the light of his life, it went out and he became very different from his former being.

However this did not put an end to his aspirations of ruling the stars in Heaven, but how can he convince the others to follow him?

What happened next is recorded in the last Book of the Bible in Revelation 12. Revelation ties up loose ends that have not been sorted out previously. The story of how “Son of the Morning” tried to overcame his shortfalls was seen by John much later in a vision and he recorded the details in it.

John was shown a wondrous sight in Heaven. A Woman clothed in the sun and stood upon the moon, upon her head was a crown of twelve stars. She was a spectacular sight that the outshone everyone in Heaven, even God.

She was pregnant and about to have a baby.

Immediately after the woman is revealed is another sign: this time it is a great red dragon.

A red dragon! Who can this dragon be?

It is “Son of the Morning”, but not the magnificent “star” of his creation. The red dragon may have appeared quite impressive to John, but he is far from the “being” he was before he decided to be like God. With light of his creation gone all John saw were the remaining ashes. (Ezekiel 28:15-19) This is the same arrogant person with a completely different and horrible body.

Dragons were not part of the original creation as God had only created perfect beings, so “Son of the Morning’s” new body came as a huge shock to all.

The unexpected problem “Satan and or the dragon” faces is that he is obviously no longer a perfect being and now the prospect of others following him has dropped to zero.

Therefore he needs someone superior to God to take on his cause, but who can that be?

The reality is that no-one fits that description unless he invents someone.

The dragon convinced a third of the stars to join his cause now they realise this Woman is not only beautiful, but the absolute power in Heaven.

His story is that he should have been given the throne in Heaven, but this Woman’s child was snatched and placed on it instead. Such is Satan’s explanation of how God became the ruler of the universe.

All the angels knew God and his ability to provide everything they needed as he maintained the perfection of heaven; they all understood this from the time of their creation. It must also be remembered that God is in total control, so regardless of what others might do, he will sustain perfection, and maintain everything eternal. God also knows everyone’s limitations and therefore nothing anyone can do will cause him to doubt his ability to rule, so he operates in total confidence.

So if Satan is going to present a better alternative for others to follow. It will need to be very good and completely different to anything the other angels knew. Satan has the problem that whatever he does he will have to topple the existing authority. His champion will need to be confident in expressing their policies of which compromises are normal, have them superior to all God has in place, and demonstrate their superiority.

Different and better! When God created the heavens and the earth, the earth had its own eco system (Isaiah 45:18) and animals were part of it.

Satan cannot use anything that is part of the creation for God’s divine nature and eternal power is seen in all that he has made. (Romans 1)

Therefore to introduce something brand new; he promotes a Woman. While the angels had never seen one at that time, they are everywhere when John wrote about her, so he recognised her immediately. The Woman cannot follow God’s established norms. The angels had seen the animals that were on the earth as part of the eco system that was established when it was created. (Isaiah 45:18) But in their case the females were less attractive than the males so they could attract a female to mate. This Woman needs to attract angels who are fully aware of God in all his glory. So she will have to draw their attention to herself by being very beautiful.

Therefore Satan promotes a better looking, more graceful, curvier, a softer person than God. Surely the angels will be impressed.

The Woman only had the beauty they could see. Nothing else was known about her, she suddenly appeared with no previous credentials or history. Nothing could be said about her that could be contradicted and many did not even notice she wasn’t even real. God on the other hand was known for his character and his abilities, but would this satisfy the angels.

Rather than putting up an argument against her and stating the obvious, God tested all the angels to ascertain who appreciated him and all he had done, or go with Satan and the Woman which would settle any other potential rebellion once and forever.

God therefore made a place for her in the desert for three and a half years so every angel could decide for Satan and the Woman, or for God, but they could only see her and not have any personal contact with her to expose her fictitious nature.

Satan’s story included the fact that she was about to have a baby and it was snatched up and placed on the throne of God. (Revelation 12:6)

Having babies was a totally new concept so no-one could question it as it was outside of everyone’s frame of reference so there was no way to disprove it. When God created the stars there was never any thought of their population ever increasing, so no system of reproduction was ever considered.

Because the Woman had no back ground and any story could be made up about her on the spot and nothing could be contradicted or argued against.

This brought to a head just who accepted God’s authority and were willing to stay within his policy of perfection, or threaten the eternal quality of heaven.

However it appears from Revelation 12 about a third of the angels decided to go with Satan and the Woman even though the only the only thing she had going for her was the image of her beauty.

It was impossible for them to stay so they were expelled to the earth. On earth and away from God they only had their own resources to call on and as a result the earth’s eco system was destroyed and it became null a void according to the beginning of Genesis.

A permanent place was required for this group so God created hell. Hell consisted mainly of fire which was designed so that all the imperfections or sins were burnt as they were produced and leaving the rest of the universe perfect.

Hell is obviously a very hot and horrible place and so Satan and the demons accused God for being unfair to send them there.

To settle the matter God restored the earth to something of its former glory so that all the contentious issues could be proven one way or the other.

Human history will give both parties to chance to demonstrate why each of them should have the right to be placed on the throne in heaven.

On the sixth day of restoration God created man (Adam) in his own image, therefore if Satan can cause man to become imperfect, then man would demonstrate what God would become if ever he became imperfect.

Then God created Eve (a woman) to be a helper for Adam and she can demonstrate what the Woman would be like if she became a real person with all the traits the Woman was supposed to have,

Their first test was to decide what they would do concerning two trees in the garden.

All the other trees had no particular significance, but the “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”.

Adam knew exactly what the two trees were all about and never made any move to eat of the fruit from the “Tree of the Knowledge of God and Evil” for God had told them that the day they ate any of it they would die. He had walked with God in the cool of the evening and God answered all Adams questions so he knew about the two trees and all they stood for.

Adam was created in the image of God, and that image included many Godlike attributes of which one was the necessity for the truth which included their spiritual death.

Eve was not created in the image of God, but in the image of the Woman, therefore her traits were completely different

However serpents were very crafty in those days and so Satan instructed one of them to cause Eve to doubt the penalty as she was susceptible to alternate ideas. (Genesis 3) It was suggested that by eating the fruit from the forbidden tree they would be like God in his understanding of good and evil.

She readily accepted compromise, and was always looking to find something different to that which God sponsored and was prepared to change it to suit her, and present it as superior                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BBecause the restoration of the earth was designed to settle the ongoing conflict between God and Satan, it was the stage to demonstrate the effectiveness of the participants. The way Adam and Eve resolved the issue of what tree they would eat the fruit of, was dependant on the way each thought and the interaction between them. We have already seen the Woman needed to be outspoken, have a better or different system to offer than God, and show it to be superior. In this way the angels might chose to follow her and Satan and take their allegiance away from God.

The fruit looked good and now she doubted that it would cause her death, the truth was not required by her, and it was different to the God’s “tree of life” so she took some and ate it. Then with unfounded confidence and an air of superiority she gave some to Adam.

1 Timothy 2:14 explains that Adam was not deceived; it was the woman who was deceived. However Eve with an incomplete understanding of the situation took some fruit from the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” and gave it to Adam. Adam saw how she had changed through the death of her spiritual life she was created with, but still as beautiful as women we know today. So to be with her, and while having a complete understanding of what would happen, he took some of the fruit from her and he ate it.

Both died that day.

However God puts the responsibility for their deaths and resultant sinfulness fairly and squarely on Adam.

Romans 5:12, Paul blames Adam for as sin entered the world through one man. God always blames the men; it is always our fault, it is our fault our children are sinful. If we take the responsibility that is our fault, then we can do something about it, rather than blaming someone else. Men should know God has the answers and look to him for the solutions.

God is the one who fixes everything; everyone is sinful, God fixed that at the cross. If God has done that and he has, every other problem is a minor issue of which God can fix.

However back at the garden; the perfection of God’s restoration no longer existed. Adam and Eve had very different bodies and these needed cloths so God made some out of animal skins for them.

The serpent had to crawl around on his belly. God will use the child bearing capability of the woman and to make sure it happens; her desire will be for her husband. He will rule as he is more likely to maintain some concepts of the truth. God was very harsh on Adam because he was given the tasks God had been doing; only he did not have the resources to cope and as nothing is now perfect he had to sort out all the problems. However God realises everyone does not have the understanding or the energy to do what is needed so he is prepared to do it if he is asked.

If we are impressed by God and do as 1 Peter 5:7 suggests and cast our cares on God for he cares for us.

By casting our cares on God we negate both the traits of men and women and depend on the reliability of God whose divine nature and eternal power has been seen by us from our beginnings.

The Woman was the best Satan could come up with, and he stayed with her till the end. This is another loose end that has been exposed by John in Revelation 17 where the demise of the Woman is found.

Read chapter 17 yourself and you will see that her end was nowhere near as pretty as her beginning;




However, beauty does not go unnoticed, and Sarai is a typical example. When Abram and Sarai were told by God to leave their homeland and go to Egypt as it recorded in Genesis12 Abram said to Sarai his wife that they should pretend to be brother and sister because of her beauty, he was concerned that when the Egyptians see her they will kill him.

God will use this couple as the origin of his personal nation, Israel. If God is going to use Israel so he might have a witness here on earth it will need to be noticed, and a beautiful woman is the best way to do it. But the message that he (God) can be God to all who will glorify him is not found in the beauty of Sarai, but in the knowledge and faith of Abram. Therefore Abram must be kept alive.

When Jesus was here on the earth, Israel was suffering the fourth stage of discipline and the fifth happened in 70 AD when the Romans destroyed them as a nation. Therefore the men of Israel had failed in their task of maintaining the truth.

But there was a woman who took up the slack.

The woman who is found in Matthew 26:6 -. This woman anointed Jesus with expensive perfume two days before the Passover while he was staying Simon the Leper’s place.

Little is known about her because what she did was done quietly in the knowledge that Jesus would be killed and rise from the dead in three days. She also knew there would be three Sabbaths straight after his death so no one could anoint him after he was killed as work was not allowed. Therefore she did it before he died.

Jesus said of her in Matthew 26:13; “Wherever the Gospel is preached; what this woman has done to me today will be told in memory of her”. With no fanfare she knew what was going to happen and did what had to be done. Such a demonstration of faith is rarely recorded in The New Testament with perhaps Paul being up there with her.

Regardless of our background our faith is the only thing that matters: it is the only thing that will give us eternal life. It is so important that Jesus Christ went to so much trouble to make it possible, and Satan went to so much trouble to regain it after losing it.

Trevor Topsfield

Scripture taken from THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION ® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved.


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